Sorption-Desorption, Surface diffusion, and Memory Effects in a 3D System


Bio and nature behaviors inspired modelling of diffusion and trapping of particles, key phenomena for life occurrence, must consider a myriad of ingredients, such as geometry, dimensionality, and scaled diffusion processes occurring across the bulk and surfaces. To attempt to approach this goal, we investigate the diffusion process in a system limited by a surface connected to the bulk through an especially designed boundary condition connected to some systems of interest, such as in living cells and bio-materials. The surface may sorb/desorb particles from the bulk and admits that the sorbed particles may diffuse within its structure, characterizing a lateral diffusion, before being desorbed back to the bulk. For this system, we find a wide variety of behavior by analyzing solutions obtained in terms of the Green function approach. The analytical calculation is checked against computer simulations, demonstrating a good agreement between analytical calculation and stochastic computer simulation.